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XBRL Services

  • CIPC approved iXBRL Annual Financial Statements.

  • XBRL annual financial statements utilizing the latest taxonomy published by CIPC.

  • Validated before submission to CIPC.

  • IFRS and IFRS for SMEs iXBRL annual financial statements.


XBRL Services

CIPC Approved Annual Financial Statements in the iXBRL format

      XBRL Solutions

  • iXBRL Conversions

  • XBRL Financial Statements

The cost-effective solution to get your Annual Financial Statements into the iXBRL format.

We are able to convert your Annual Financial Statements into the iXBRL format.


We import your Annual Financial Statements into our XBRL tool and thereafter tag the Financial Statements accordingly to the latest set of rules published by CIPC.


Thereafter we provide you with the tagged AFS for review and final XBRL financial statements for submission to CIPC .

Price: R2500 per set of Annual Financial Statements (IFRS and IFRS for SMEs)

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