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Accounting Services

  • Annual financial statement compilations for full IFRS or IFRS for SMMEs, for private companies, NPOs, Trusts & body coporates.

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services are performed using our cloud based accounting software (Sage One, Pastel Xpress or Pastel Partner).

  • This includes monthly reconciliations, processing of all transactions (cashbook, debtors, creditors & invoicing etc.) 

  • Our payroll services includes IRP5 certificates, payslips for all employees as well as monthly payroll processing on our cloud based payroll platform (Sage pastel payroll).

  • Management accounts and cash flow projections include detailed managerial analysis as well as projected income statement, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts.

Outsource Chartered Accountant

Accounting Services

Professional cloud accounting solutions utilizing IFRS & IFRS for SMES for companies in South Africa.

​       Annual Financial Statements

  • Private Companies, NPOs, Body Corporates and Close Corporations

  • IFRS and IFRS for SMEs

      Bookkeeping Services

  • Monthly processing, capturing & reconciliations 

      Payroll Services

  • Monthly processing (incl payslips, IRP5, and tax registration) 

     Management Accounting Services

  • Cash flow projections 

  • Management Accounts 

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