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preparation of Annual Financial statements 

We prepare Annual Financial Statements (IFRS & IFRS for SMEs) for all types of entities requiring Annual Financial Statements for reporting and regulatory purposes. 


Monthly Accounting & PAYROLL

We process all transactions, monthly reconciliations and reports in terms of IFRS for SMEs and IFRS including payslips for staff members. We utilize our cloud based accounting and payroll platforms (i.e SAGE One)


XBRL Services for CIPC

We offer XBRL services for entities submitting their Annual Financial Statements to CIPC in the iXBRL format. This service also includes iXBRL conversions for those entities that we do not draft Annual Financial Statements for. This is utilized using our specialised XBRL software


Submission of tax returns and annual return

We can assist you with the submission of the following returns:

1. EMP201's (Monthly)

2. EMP 501's (Bi Annually)

3. VAT 201's (Monthly)

4. IT14 (Annually)

5. IRP6 (Bi Annually)

6. Annual Return (Annually to CIPC)


Compilation reports

We offer compilation reports for entities requiring a compilation. This includes an Accounting Officer report for close corporations.


Tax computations

We offer normal tax and deferred tax computations for all types of entities for audit and reporting purposes.


Cash FLOW projections, 

Budgets & Management accounts

If you require these reports for managerial purposes or for regulatory purposes, our accountants can assist you utilizing our management accounting principles.


IFRS Guidance

We offer IFRS guidance and interpretation for entities that require assistance in understanding complex IFRS requirements for their financial reporting needs.

Accounting Services

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